Vampurbia – Comedy


In a dystopian land where vampires rule the world and humans are nothing short of pets, one teenage boy, who is neither vampire nor strictly human unexpectedly learns the truth to his forced destiny. Fueled by special blood and captured because of it, Desmond and his new mythical friends must escape the unorthodox prison of a hilariously evil mad-sientist and save whats left of the human race.


In a marvelous mansion surrounded by high society we meet DESMOND GRAYSON, a quirky teen who clearly doesn’t belong there. Amidst his stroll through the swanky crowd he bumps into an eerie woman with dead blue eyes. Grabbing his arm, she whispers an unexpected revelation, “Fear the bloods that fuel the veins, truth shall birth while exile remains…” After she strangely vanishes, he is thrown off balance by chilling mystery figures in monastery robes that storm-in chanting another peculiar phrase. Surrounded by fang clenching vampires who join in on the repetitive tune, DESMOND wakes in a cold sweat and quickly checks to make sure his own fangs are still intact. With a simple relief of the lucid dream he sighs and starts his daily routine.

DESMOND lives in Vampurbia, a brave new world ruled by modern vampires, a revolutionary land where breeding is forbidden and humans are nothing short of pets. DESMOND, however, never quite feels part of the vampire clique. He’s blood-intolerant, and weaker than most of his friends. But DESMOND’s life changes forever when he gets into a fight with a bully vamp named DARIOUS, a loose cannon who’s constantly spending time in detention for killing his human classmates. During the clash, a blow by JAKE (one of DARIOUS's minions) knocks out one of DESMOND’s fake fangs. As DESMOND’s secret is revealed to the whole class, JAKE angrily bites DESMOND on the throat, only to instantly die himself.

Suddenly, everyone realizes DESMOND is neither vampire nor strictly a human. This comes as the same shock to DESMOND, whose fibbing mother later reveals the truth: DESMOND was a human baby whose bottle was laced with silver blood, a concoction geniusly created by his long lost father from the Fountain of Youth. This potion gave him super strength and speed needed to safely balance with vampires yet blindingly shielded him with silver compounds flowing within his bloodstream that made him lethal to all bloodsuckers. After absorbing the strange reality with his closest vampire friends, MARSHALL and GOOSE quickly grasp the idea that DESMOND’s blood may either be the key to world peace or simply the demise of their own race. Keeping their stern beliefs of not trusting humans, they cut all ties with their former friend and leave him hanging in search of his own identity. SOFIA, a smart human classmate with a plan of her own, approaches him on the sidewalk and lifts his spirits by meddling her own agendas. Secretly wanting her own escape, she sells him out for money to his worst possible enemy.

Before DESMOND and SOFIA can finish discussing the reason his blood is special, he is kidnapped by DARIOUS, who flies him to THE LAB, a secret compound where vampires and humans alike are manufactured for mass “adoptions.” There, DARIOUS’s evil vampire scientist father, VERN, and crazy mother, VICTORIA, recognize that DESMOND’s blood holds the secret to unlimited vampire power. Once they draw blood samples, they lock him away in a mini Garden of Eden, where DESMOND meets his fellow prisoners: CRISMO, FAIRY, ROCK and DRIP – ancient creatures whose once-great magical powers have been reduced to parlor tricks. When DARIOUS barges into the garden to yank DESMOND back for more testing, he plainly shoots ROCK in the head to show his brute power. Fearful of their own death, they all pull back.

Meanwhile, SOFIA (the human responsible for selling DESMOND out to DARIOUS) feels sudden remorse over her actions and inquires the help of GOOSE and MARSHALL to sneak into THE LAB and rescue their friend. But once snuck in, they find themselves on their own run.

Amidst the testing, VERN alters DESMOND’s blood into a serum that he says will either make vampires very powerful or simply human, and asks his son, DARIOUS, to ingest some as a test. DESMOND, fearing DARIOUS will die or worse, asks him not to do it, but DARIOUS, no stranger to experimentation, displays his array of stolen powers from the creatures and ingests the blood. It appears at first as if DARIOUS is very powerful, but while he drags DESMOND back to his prison garden he collapses, dead. The ancient creatures, FAIRY, CRISMO and DRIP escape only to catch DESMOND next to a corpse. He asks for their help in getting rid of the body, but as none have love lost for DARIOUS’s murderous ways, they turn him down.

DESMOND tries to toss DARIOUS’s body in a chute marked “disposal” but DARIOUS, not dead after all, regains consciousness at the last minute and grabs DESMOND by the hand, taking them both down the slippery chute. The ancient creatures soon realize they have to follow, as DARIOUS has the only bracelet with controls to open all the locked doors from here to freedom.

Down at the bottom, the group finds themselves on top of dead bodies that were dropped from the numerous chutes within THE LAB. For the first time, DARIOUS shows feelings and throws up in disgust, much to the surprise of everyone he lost his powers and turned soft, pathetic. Debating on ending him, they feel his pity and let him live. Searching the tunnel for an escape, they come into a secret room filled with sad-eyed children; trailing further, they discover more rooms with sedated kids of different ages. DARIOUS more confused than anybody wanders on his own merit but DESMOND follows him to a breeding room where humans give birth to live children who are then ripped from their mother’s arms. Once caught by a doctor, DARIOUS demands to be shown the truth. The doctor willingly shows DARIOUS and DESMOND the propaganda about THE LAB by playing a joyful video on a television, although, after leaving them, he sirens the alarms. When DESMOND and DARIOUS run though more mazed rooms, they notice the reality in the actual breeding rooms is nothing like the sanitized PR. And neither is the light measure of Brainwasher 3000. Guards come and catch DRIP, FAIRY and CRISMO, but DARIOUS and DESMOND escape to a space filled with lifeless humans who were just turned to vampires in the most tortuous ways so that vampire families can “buy” their future kids. While DESMOND is sickened, DARIOUS shows a suspicious amount of emotion.

The ancient creatures are taken back to the prison garden only to notice strange guests inhabiting their space. At first glance, with their powers fueled by rage and growing stronger, they angrily muster up serious magic against GOOSE, SOFIA and MARSHALL. But when the creatures realize GOOSE, a vampire, is there to save their mutual human friend, they halt their combat. FAIRY, feeling inspired, brutally kills the guard with her rising powers and breaks everybody out of the prison in search for their own vengeance. Scaling through, they search for weapons.

When VERN captures DESMOND and DARIOUS, he reveals that he felt his son was growing too strong and purposely altered the potion to make DARIOUS a weak human being. DARIOUS, betrayed, angrily uses DESMOND as a distraction to escape (daring the guards to drink from DESMOND to get stronger). After telling DESMOND to trust him, he shoves syringes into him in hopes of using his blood as a weapon. DARIOUS’s mother, VICTORIA, however, corners them, and angered over the loss of her “pets”, the fairy creatures, she ties them up in the garden prison and makes them play tea party and “Capture the Flag” a chilling game of chase where she rips her opponents’ heads off. Injured from her violent throws and having no other choice, DESMOND and DARIOUS narrowly defeat VICTORIA by killing her with the syringe.

Meanwhile, VERN drinks the altered serum made from DESMOND’s blood, hoping to become the most powerful vampire ever. Catching up to GOOSE, MARSHALL, SOFIA and the ancient creatures, VERN annihilates them through his murderous ways and follows through to the garden prison to finish the job on DESMOND and DARIOUS. After watching VERN seriously harm DESMOND, DARIOUS sacrifices himself to kill his father, but with VERN’s super strength, DARIOUS only hurts himself. FAIRY, however, who has been growing stronger throughout, is resurrected into her spirit, and now dead, more powerful than before, as she’s everywhere. Reviving her fellow creatures to form the mythical power of three, they cause the forest inside the garden to come alive and make a prison VERN can’t escape from. Panicking from possible defeat, VERN morphs into a bat to flee, but DESMOND catches him and rips his head off. Before vanishing into thin air, FAIRY tells DESMOND a subtle revelation, “The battle may be won, but your quest has just begun… when time is right, we will meet again.” Without VERN’s evil influence, and with the spread of DESMOND’s blood, equality is reached between humans and vampires. Having no family left, DESMOND invites DARIOUS to stay with him, although, when DESMOND returns home, he is reminded by his mother (who bought multiple human children on clearance to feed on) that not all has changed. With a slight glimpse out the window during a toast, DESMOND senses a ghostly presence watching him. Outside, a mysterious man sneers a wicked smirk… but before DESMOND turns, the man vanishes into thin air.