The Modern Sociopath – Mystery/Romance


In this raw tale of love gone wrong, a sadistic, manipulative preacher’s son falls hard for a girl with Borderline Personality Disorder. Together they scheme a billionaire into unknowingly funding their lavish lifestyle. But their sick game comes at a great personal cost, and the repercussions of their sins begin to tear them apart.

Narrated by her intentionally unnamed boyfriend, the story focuses on Melissa, a not-so-naïve damsel in distress in search of her own fairytale. During their twisted Hollywood love affair, they play dangerous games with strangers involving sex, drugs and alcohol. Things escalade when she draws the attention of Mahad, an older billionaire in the club scene who rewards the women who please him. When they decide to use this man for his money, Melissa finds it hard to give up his good favor. It then becomes increasingly clear Melissa’s problems go deeper than greed and desire; she learns they could be a result of a serious mental illness. And the cost of her continuous deceit might just be her sanity.

As we watch her spiral downward and into the unexpected love triangle, we see her boyfriend wrestle with a dark jealousy that he can barely control. Life takes an even darker turn when Melissa has a psychiatric breakdown and attempts her own life. It’s apparent that no matter what he does their toxic relationship only brings pain, and yet, every time he tries to step away, her web of lies pulls him back in. But, with her constant decision to pick Mahad’s money over his love, he starts to act out in the only way he knows how: by manifesting a conscious revenge plot where he uses Melissa’s disease for his own personal gain.

Is it love, or something darker? Or are they simply playing each other’s game? At the heart of this book lies a bigger question: who is the sociopath and who is the victim? This goes unanswered until the very last page, which reveals a shocking end to this dark tale, as we understand once and for all the dangers of THE MODERN SOCIOPATH. 

In this, 70,500-word novel, I delve into the darker nature of modern romance, and how love can quickly turn from hope and tenderness into something twisted and dark. In the nature of Gone Girl and Into the Darkest Corner, THE MODERN SOCIOPATH offers surprising twists and turns as readers grasp with the nature of greed, jealousy and obsessive love.