During the last ten years, I have tried and intentionally failed at many things. I have been a waiter, a bartender, an assistant, an actor, a model, a photographer, a producer, a director, a poet, a door man, a mechanical bull operator, a paralegal, a stock broker and even a club manager. 

My writing was founded by my own experiences and those of others. The raw reality of life is deemed to be my oyster. And the ability to embrace the pearl of life is my pride. I was always accustomed to the belief that one must endure the pain in order to truly understand it. And given the many circumstances, through my own passion I am now giving back.

Above all, I am fiercely passionate about writing. The realism I bring to my work is taken from life, a true glimpse of our reality. A raw vision of the world we live in.

Currently. I am looking for opportunities to hone my craft even further. Interested in working with me? Feel free to contact me below.