In this raw tale of a love gone wrong, a sadistic, manipulative preacher’s son falls hard for a girl with Borderline Personality Disorder. Together they scheme a billionaire into unknowingly funding their lavish lifestyle. But their sick game comes at a great personal cost, and the repercussions of their sins begin to tear them apart.




A literary agent struggling with a family secret finds his American Dream unraveling at the seams. His best client admits she’s a plagiarist; his self-absorbed wife grows an obsession with positive thinking and his therapeutically induced sons pretend he doesn’t exist in this dark intertwining comedy about what it means to lie, both to yourself and those you love. 



In a dystopian land where vampires rule the world and humans are nothing short of pets, one teenage boy, who is neither vampire nor strictly human unexpectedly learns the truth to his forced destiny. Fueled by special blood and captured because of it, Desmond and his new mythical friends must escape the unorthodox prison of a hilariously evil mad-scientist and save what is left of the human race.




Unable to deal with the chaos of his tv job, his bickering co-workers and his meaningless life, Decker White starts to see an imaginary man in a banana costume that swears by his life that he is there to help him.